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Management Consulting firms constantly face the challenge of optimally aligning staff while delivering projects on time profitably. The secret to operating a prosperous and profitable Management Consulting firm involves getting the right resource with the right skillset in the right place at the right time. CrossConcept Continuum is specifically designed to help Management Consulting firms take the guesswork out of complex projects for consulting teams. Our revolutionary PSA solution help you make the best use of your most important business assets - your team!
CrossConcept Continuum's resource management feature allows you to track the attributes of each of your consultants, including skills, competencies, preferences, and experience. With this module, you can assign people to projects, and then put your day-to-day data to work to gain insight into utilization, revenue and profitability.
We are experts in developing, implementing and customizing PSA solutions for leading Management Consulting firms that need to manage resources, activities, expenses, and profitability by a project to project. Many PSA solutions are not designed for the special needs of a Management Consulting when it comes to the challenges of capturing new customers in a highly competitive market, managing a business built on delivering complex projects that require certain expertise and maximizing profitability in challenging times.
CrossConcept Continuum PSA is the best solution you could implement for your Management Consulting firm. You’ll immediately gain real-time visibility into present and future projects at the touch of a button, which in turn helps you increase your firm’s overall productivity, grow faster and maximize profitability. CrossConcept Continuum is dedicated to helping Management Consulting firms to gain insight, clarity, and control to achieve their business goals with proven services and an award-winning PSA solution.
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